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Hydraulic Modelling:

Hydraulic modelling by Flüssig Engineers. Hydraulic modelling enables the accurate estimation of water levels and flood extents for rivers and watercourses.

We help clients and partners to understand the potential impact of water on their project or development by using the latest software tools to model and represent the water cycle from source to sea.

We can help clients in understanding the potential impact of a specific housing, commercial or infrastructure development on a flood plain, urban area or how human activity might affect the quality of our inland or coastal waters and the implications for people, environments and ecosystems. We can also help our water company clients to understand issues around their capacity to continue to deliver clean drinking water to a growing population or how best to ensure the safe and effective management of commercial and residential effluent using existing and proposed infrastructure.

Supporting and complementary services such as civil, structural and mechanical engineering design, geo-environmental and ecology services complete the offering to ensure all elements of a new development are considered.

Flüssig operate all elements of the modelling process, from initial brief to feedback on completion. Our quality system defines protocols for data storage, meetings, versioning, logging changes, peer review, output formats, internal and external communication, documentation and reporting. We have invested in high-specification computers, modelling and GIS software and ensure all staff are well-trained and kept up-to-date with latest technology and research outputs.

  • Stormwater management strategies including design of swale drains, sedimentation ponds and wetland systems
  • MUSIC Modelling
  • Major and Minor Drainage Strategies
  • Flooding and inundation mapping
  • Coastal and inland waterways erosion mapping and monitoring
  • Predictive services on the hydraulic effects of climate change
  • Water sensitive Urban Design (WSUD)

Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) brings together elements of civil engineering in a form that builds on standard practices with added water quality benefits. WSUD ensures water quality measures are aimed to improve the environment for flora and fauna whilst maintaining or improving the water quality of the natural waterways. An effective and efficient design is a simple combination of effective water quality and detention measures.


Civil Infrastructures Design:

flüssig expertise and experience in the design, optimisation and construction management of major civil infrastructure works includes:  

  • Water distribution mains
  • Roads
  • Main stormwater drainage
  • Earthworks design and analysis and more.

Flüssig Engineer's team has significant experience working with key government and private servicing authorities in the strategy for delivery of civil infrastructure projects. This includes negotiating outcomes relating to service funding and timing of delivery for both newly created and existing service upgrades.

At Flüssig, we rely on our considerable expertise, technology and creativity to design residential developments that achieve our clients’ objectives. We have been involved in residential developments, including master planned communities and infill subdivisions.

We consult at all stages of residential development projects including feasibility studies, cost estimation, master planning, visual earthworks modelling, servicing reports, subdivision design and documentation and construction contract administration. Our expertise across civil infrastructure services relating to residential development extends to: 

  • Earthworks
  • drainage
  • water
  • sewer
  • road infrastructure and more.

Forensic Engineering:

Our team of  Hydraulic and Structural engineers in the field of forensic engineering, are often asked to evaluate residential buildings exposed to flood events. Whether the flooding is due to the storm surge from a heavy rainfall events that result in riverine flooding, or failure of a levee, the effects on residential buildings have many common structural concerns. The purpose of our job is to provide a primer on the evaluation of residential buildings exposed to flood events. An overview of flooding effects on structures will be provided, including considerations for hydrostatic forces, dynamic forces from flowing water, buoyancy, saturation of soils and related foundation movement, and environmental/contamination concerns. 

Flüssig Engineer's provides comprehensive forensic hydrology and scientific services for property owners, private companies, as well as insurance and legal organizations. Our experienced team of hydrologists and civil engineers use targeted research methods, engineering analysis, statistical methods and data analysis, as well as hydrologic and hydraulic modeling to investigate issues such as:

  • Flooding of property from heavy rain events, thunderstorms, or sea level rise
  • Land development that prevents water from flowing in its natural watercourses
  • Soil erosion caused by the flow of surface water across unprotected or poorly protected soil
  • Uncontrolled discharge or releases of water, which can cause flooding downstream

To put it simply, our forensic engineering capabilities is the application of engineering principles and science used in the investigation of failure, more specifically, the failure of a component, material or structure. Reports provided by our forensic engineers are used in matters involving injury or property damage such as a building collapse, a flood damages a consequence of watercourse failure, or a malfunction causing injury. In addition, our engineers are tasked with the investigating mayor catastrophic damages following floods.

Project Management:

Our team at Flüssig have extensive experience managing projects of varying size, scope and complexity. We have worked closely with both private developers and government organisations to deliver a wide range of construction projects, from sub-divisions, through to large commercial precinct upgrades for Local Government agencies.

They key to Flüssig successful projects is that we develop an understanding our client’s requirements. We can assure a cost effective service to assist our clients from the early conceptual stage of a project, outlining their project needs, through to the planning, design and delivery of each project.

Some projects can be complex and need to be delivered using multiple contractors who are required to interact concurrently on a single site. This requires a high level of coordination, communication and planning skills. 

The following tasks are carried out as part of our Project Management service:

  • Major Works – Scoping, co-ordination of design, quality assurance, programming, design reviews, supervision of construction, tendering for construction, lodgement of documentation, procurement and stakeholder engagement.
  • Minor Works – Supervision of construction, tendering for construction, lodgement of documentation and liaison with developers.
  • Contract administration – We can ensure the integrity of a project by:
    • assessing variation requests
    • the issuing, evaluation and assessment of progress claims
    • monitoring of contractors and suppliers to ensure construction is executed in accordance with the terms of the contract

the timely undertaking activities associated with contractual close-out.

  • Stakeholder engagement – As part of our project management service we can undertake stakeholder and community engagement. We can help your organisation to build relationships with affected stakeholders to ensure project success.




flüssig Engineers employ unmanned aerial data collection equipment to undertake inspections and 3D mapping of terrain and infrastructure which present significant access problems. We provide inspection data and produce hydraulic modelling information for a variety of scenarios. Production of technical analyses and reports to support our clients operational decisions can also be delivered. Our unmanned systems coupled with our analytical and design capabilities solve tasks in a safer, faster, more efficient and cost-effective way than traditional methods:

  • Inspections for buildings, bridges, roadways, railroads, roofs, cell towers, cooling towers, oil and gas infrastructure, solar and wind farms
  • Thermal imaging to detect leaks, faulty structures and energy loss in the fraction of the time it would take to manually inspect a property
  • Accurate, precise and flexible data collection with LiDAR Systems. Get your data more efficiently and with lower costs with drones
  • Monitor and track all your large-scale engineering projects with detailed aerial views with high quality and live updates
  • Accurate 2D and 3D aerial maps and topographic surveys – UAV capture detailed photos of a large area, allowing you to identify obstacles and take advantage geo-spatial data


In addition to providing consultancy packages of work, flüssig can provides specialist designer staff to public and private sector organisations to work on secondment. The secondments provide specialist short term additional skills, assist with delivering peaks in workload and provide cover for short term periods of absence.

What make us different is that all staff working on secondment can call upon flüssig, in-house designers for additional support at any time.

We offer:

  • A “can do” modern approach with traditional values to deliver award winning, cost effective, sustainable civil and water design solutions.
  • Without doubt our people are our greatest asset. Repeat business highlights the reputation we hold.
  • Company culture based on innovation and collaboration.
  • A continuous history of working for the public sector.
  • Advanced digital tools and computer analysis hardware and software, including 12d, Civil 3D, InfoWorks ICM, MUSIC and others is used throughout all stages of the design process.

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